is a community event, held 10am-12 noon on Mondays at the Town Hall, and arranged by the town council to provide help, advice and assistant to local residents in need. We are there to chat and/or pray with anyone who would like to speak to us.




involves a small team meeting for prayer and worship together at 10.00am before going onto the streets of Hunstanton every week seeking those whom Holy Spirit has led us to, with “clues” in the form of “words of knowledge”. Our aim is to bless these “treasures” with prayer, healing or a word of encouragement. If the weather is not conducive to chatting to people on the streets, we prayer walk the town and/or seek to interact with staff and customers in local shops, or focus all our attention on The Hub.. 



We hold a short service at one of our local Care Homes at 10am on the second Wednesday of each month.  We sing some suitable songs/hymns and share a brief Word, following which we chat, and pray (if requested), with the residents who join us.


Our church garden is an ongoing team project under the supervision David and Cathy. Our aim is to provide an outdoor space for quiet prayer, relaxation, fun and the occasional summer barbecue.  A Gazebo can be erected in the garden in the summer. It serves well as an extension to the Café after our Sunday meetings.


cartoon amazingly tasty bacon breakfast sandwich with cheese

Gordon and Mike cook a breakfast for everyone who pre-books for it at 9.45am (usually) on the third Sunday of each month.  Gordon also organises men’s breakfasts from time to time, either in the café area or in a local eatery.  These are times for church family members and their guests to eat and fellowship together before enjoying an interesting talk or film, followed by lively discussion.


From time to time, as the Lord prompts us, members of the church family will go out into the local area to pray for the community under the banner of “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

When the weather is not suitable for Treasure Hunting on the streets, we will often prayer walk instead (unless the weather is really bad, of course!).


There is usually a joint churches’ “March of Witness” through the centre of Hunstanton on Good Fridays and The Way CF often organises an Easter Sunday service in the open air on the Green, utilising the bandstand for our worship team and preacher.  At the present time, the prevailing Covid restrictions will determine what it is permissible to do in public areas.

Our picture (left) shows David preaching in 2019.  We are always pleased to welcome visitors to join us for this significant time. (right).


We have a “Bring & Share” lunch on (usually) every first Sunday of each month after our morning meeting.  Tea, coffee, biscuits and (sometimes) cakes are available on the other Sundays.  At Christmas, so not normally on the first Sunday of December, we push the gravy boat out and have roast turkey with all the trimmings as well as the compulsory party hats!

Our kitchen is well equipped to provide hot meals (with facilities for heating up food during the service that people brought in) and, of course, to clear up afterwards with two dishwashers to supplement the elbow grease employed at the sink!