Mission Links

Please join us in praying for our Mission Partners across the world as they seek to preach the Gospel of Grace and share the Kingdom of God with everyone they encounter.


The Joy Centre family life embraces intercession, outreach on the streets, fellowship meetings, discipling, and mentoring. The focus is upon sheltering and helping street children and introducing them to the Carpenter and she has valuable help from local people. Our history with this ministry goes back to a connection made during the earlier days of our time linked with Ichthus.


Simon Guillebaud had a very clear call to Burundi in 1999, when it was regarded as the most dangerous country on earth. Having unexpectedly survived 7 years of genocide and civil war, he set up GLO with the vision to transform Burundi and beyond through holistic mission, working with gifted local leaders of integrity. Now married with three children, he and his wife Lizzie have both been awarded an MBE for their services to Burundi. GLO continues to have a huge impact on the country, now helping well over 100,000 of the very neediest people every year in strategic and sustainable ways.


Francis Dognon met and married Diane (from Kent, UK) while they were ministering together in Paris with YWAM. The Lord called them to plant churches in Normandy and the La Source network began with meetings in their first home in Lisieux. They have now also planted or adopted churches in Caen, Honfleur, Le Neubourg, Pont Audemer, Rouen, and Saint Lô. The base of the network is in converted bakery buildings in Lisieux. Francis has close links with the Baptist Federation in France. They have 3 grown up children and Diane currently has her hands full with a lively brood of young ones they have fostered.


Colin and Sue Enticknap are based in La Vendée on the west coast in the little resort town of Brem sur Mer, where they have lived and worked for several years. A particular matter on their hearts is to facilitate greater unity between Protestants and Catholics, having made many contacts and friends from both streams. Their occasional public meetings are held in a community building near the town centre (Les Quatre Vents – the four winds). The Covid outbreak led them to broadcasting these meetings via YouTube, both live and with recordings, and these have attracted ‘hits’ from outside of France as well as locally. The English translation of their ministry name is “West Coast Praise”.

It was great to have Colin and Sue visit us as guest speakers on Sunday 17th October this year.


Pastor Moses Korine is the senior pastor of NFM in Hyderabad, India. He is married to Glory, and they have two daughters. Their vision is to help establish many churches, to announce the good news of God’s Kingdom and to be a living testimony to the people about the power of God. NFM began in 1998 and focusses upon evangelism, discipleship, and mobilisation. They have a Poor Feeding Project, a Hand Pump Project, Medical Camps and Relief Work. The latter involves NFM acting as the ‘hands and feet’ of the church in their region, taking prayers and provisions to areas affected by natural calamities.


Pastor Malaki Dara, along with his wife Beulah and their two children, are committed to sharing God’s love and to training and discipleship of the local church on the outskirts of Hyderabad, far away from the tourist areas normally visited by westerners. The work involves a school, an orphanage, plus outreach, evangelism, teaching, and various community projects.


Faith Alive was established by Elizabeth Flett and Kenyan pastor Bishop Charles Gitonga, and has its base in Meru, Kenya. Her mother, Betty, a former member of The Way church family went out to join her in 2012. They work closely alongside Kenyan pastors in preaching and teaching the gospel, home evangelism and visitation, as well as personally caring for and assisting needy children. There are Faith Alive ‘branches’ in and around the greater Meru countryside.


Milan and Shushma are based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their ministry is motivated by the love and action of Jesus’ acceptance of children into the Kingdom of God. They serve underprivileged children throughout Nepal, helping them to develop their fullest potential. They have been ministering to poor and destitute children since 2008: “Build the children. Build the Community.” is their strapline. They offer Day Care, Children’s Home, Micro-finance, Sponsorship, Support for Widows, Community Support, School Support, Fun & Dance and Football Clubs. Their purpose is to make a difference in their region.


River of Life is a growing church in Masaka, Uganda, passionate about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and caring for the poor and vulnerable. They provide a home for orphans and vulnerable children; support the sick, elderly, and infirm; and are committed to loving their community with both prayer and action. The work includes Community Outreach; Training, Discipling and Development; Prayer, Healing, and Reconciliation. Our link is Emily Ojambo, who is a director and church elder. There is a UK contact address in London E10.


TFM was founded in 1985 and is currently based in Coton, Cambs. Dan Holland, a former pastor at The Way, joined the ministry as evangelist in 1991. He has led many missions, including walks, across the UK and trains teams to accompany him on the streets of their locality to preach the gospel and draw people into the Kingdom. If your local church requires additional help and experience, or maybe inspiration, to engage more fully in local evangelism, Dan will come alongside you to lead and/or provide valuable assistance. He is the author of “Through the Tunnel” and two books on Prophetic Evangelism. Rev Tim Hall took over as CEO of TFM in 2018, and his wife Georgina is a TFM Missioner.


Our own mission field is, of course, Hunstanton and the surrounding area. We also form part of a growing network of Kingdom-minded churches and leaders across Norfolk who want to be actively involved in seeing revival and “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” It is a privilege to cooperate with Jesus in answering this prayer, utilising all the gifts and abilities which Holy Spirit distributes, to the glory of God the Father.